How to Ash Your Cigar #shorts

Back to the basics! Today, Monica & Kara are teaching you how to ash your cigar properly. What’s the longest ash you were able to hold up?

What is a Cigar?


What is a Cigar?

Among men, cigars are smoked more frequently than cigarettes. Approximately 2.2% of adults in the US smoke cigars. These smokers enjoy the sophisticated sensory experience that cigars offer.

A cigar is a cylindrical roll of tobacco that is wrapped around a binder leaf. A cigar is commonly categorized according to shape, size, and filler. In some cases, cigars can be categorized based on country of origin.

A cigar is a handmade product. Tobaccos grown in different growing regions produce different flavors. Cigar makers blend different filler tobaccos to create unique flavor profiles.

Unlike cigarettes, which are manufactured in huge batches, cigars are handmade. This allows for more variety in flavor and a more natural taste.

A cigar is made of tobacco that is carefully aged. This aging process breaks down carotenoids and brings out the desirable properties in the tobacco.

Cigars are a healthier alternative to cigarettes. However, they are more expensive. Cigars can also contain harmful additives, such as nicotine. Some people claim that cigars can cause cancer.

The best cigars are made from whole leaf tobacco. The wrapper leaf must be strong, flavorful, and silky. It must also be even in color. The tobacco wrapper leaf is the most expensive component in a cigar. The wrapper leaf must be free of blemishes, rough texture, or veins.

Cigars are also available in different vintages. These vintages vary depending on the growing region, and the cigars themselves. A great cigar can age for decades.

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