Cigar Of The Week: Tatuaje Havana VI Verocú Blue No. 2

Cigar Aficionado’s Cigar of the Week for the week of May 1. Read the full tasting note:ú-blue-no.-2-toro

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Cigars and Athletes

Cigars are a great way for athletes to relax after a long day of training or competition. The slow burn of a cigar can help to steady nerves and calm jitters, while the nicotine content is known to provide a gentle energy boost that can help athletes perform at their best.

Athletes can share their passion for cigars with others as a social pastime. This could help create bonds between them, perhaps even sparking the formation of a friendship or business association.

Unlike cigarettes, which are manufactured with additives and chemicals to make them more appealing, premium cigars are made naturally with organically grown tobacco that is free of dyes or ripening accelerants. They are also regulated by the FDA and must be made in accordance with safety standards.

Smoking cigars may increase your risk of a number of health issues, including lung cancer, heart disease, and emphysema. Additionally, secondhand smoke from cigars is highly toxic and can cause illness in nonsmokers, the CDC says.

Lung Cancer

The National Cancer Institute reported that cigar smokers have a slightly higher risk of lung cancer than non-smokers, with an IRR of 1.75 (95 percent confidence interval: 1.12-2.25) for current users and 1.6 for former cigar smokers compared to never-users. This dose-response relationship was stronger among smokers who smoked two or more cigars per day.

Head and Neck Cancers

A study of smokers in the CPS-II cohort found that current cigar smokers had a greater risk of head and neck cancers than non-users, with an IRR of 2.5 (95 percent confidence interval: 1.5-4.6). This was particularly true for those who used to smoke cigarette or pipe, with an IRR of 2.33 (95 percent confidence interval: 1.17-3.20).

There is evidence that cigar use increases the risk of several other cancers, including oral and throat cancers. In addition, cigar smoke contains a high concentration of harmful heavy metals, including lead and cadmium, which are known carcinogens to humans.

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