American Chest Co. WoodTop 75 Cigar Humidor | Review

On paper, American Chest Co. has a winning combination: a desktop humidor, made in America, made of solid woods and priced at around $400. As the name implies, American Chest Co. makes wooden chests here in America, made by Amish craftsman. Unlike most humidors, this humidor forgoes MDF and instead uses solid cherry and Spanish cedar woods.


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The Joy of Smoking Cigars

From mild cigars that are perfect for everyday enjoyment to those you’ll save for special occasions, aficionados enjoy exploring the variety of flavors, complexities and aromas offered by the tobacco plant. This process of exploration helps develop a refined palate and can be very rewarding for an experienced smoker.

Cigars can also be enjoyed as a social activity, creating a sense of camaraderie and bonding between friends or coworkers in a lounge or event setting. The ritualistic nature of smoking a cigar can help promote relaxation and can be a great stress relief for many individuals.

When selecting a cigar, the most important factor is finding one you like. The best way to do this is by trying different brands, regions and blends until you find the cigar that appeals to your taste buds. It’s also recommended to pay close attention to the wrapper of a cigar as it can have a big impact on its flavor profile.

Mild cigars are the best choice for newcomers to the hobby, as they tend to be soft and smooth. Rogers compares the flavor of a good mild cigar to that of a cup of coffee with a touch of half and half, meaning it’s warm and rich but not overpowering.

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