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The XIKAR Revolution ($159.99) is perhaps the most unique double guillotine cutter since XIKAR came out with its original teardrop-shaped cutter, the Xi. The Revolution has neither a trigger nor handles. Instead, an integrated wheel opens the spring-assisted blades, which can quickly snap back into place.



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The Benefits of Smoking Cigars


The Benefits of Smoking Cigars

Among the many luxury items that people buy for special occasions, cigars are a wonderful option. They provide a sophisticated sensory experience and are a great source of relaxation.

The cigar’s flavor is derived from the tobacco. The strength of the cigar depends on how much nicotine is inside. An average full size cigar contains about 100 milligrams of nicotine.

Cigars are hand rolled. The process requires expertise. This makes them more expensive. The finished cigars are then sent out.

Unlike cigarettes, cigars are made without additives. The tobacco starts as a tiny seed in a greenhouse or a field. After the seed is harvested, it is hung in a curing barn.

Cigars are aged to remove the acidity in the tobacco. This process also brings out the desirable qualities of the tobacco. The resulting tobacco will have a light or full flavor.

Cigars are a great alternative to cigarettes. However, smokers are also able to get nicotine through inhalation or by absorption through the lining of the mouth. Cigars contain more tobacco, which makes them cost more. The average cigarette contains about eight milligrams of nicotine.

Despite the popularity of cigars, there has been no formal research into the health effects of so-called premium cigars. These products are often advertised as being less harmful than cigarettes.

While these products are promoted as being less harmful than cigarettes, they have been shown to cause chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and head or neck cancer. It’s also important to know that even cigars that are touted as being less harmful contain nicotine.

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