She Smokes Too at PCA with Kristyn Castaldi | Presented by J.C. Newman Cigar Co.

Kara from She Smokes Too sat down with Arturo Fuente and J.C. Newman’s 1st female Regional Sales Manager, Kristyn Castaldi for her first time at PCA Trade Show in Las Vegas! Kristyn comes from the spirits industry and talks of the similarities she has seen with women working to break through that barrier and become a stronger presence.


How to Select a Good Cigar

For those unfamiliar with cigars, the process of selecting a premium handmade can be daunting. There are many variables to consider, including strength, tobacco, size and price. But it is important for anyone interested in becoming a cigar smoker or buying a gift for a cigar lover to know the basics of how to select a good cigar.

First, determine the level of body you are looking for in a cigar. Cigars are usually categorized as light, medium or full-bodied, and finding the right balance for you will take time and experience.

Next, look for a solid construction in the cigar. Gently roll the cigar between your fingers, and listen for a soft rustling sound. This is a sign that the tobacco is evenly distributed and will be a smooth smoke.

Finally, take note of the appearance of the cigar – a well-rolled cigar has a smooth and consistent color and will have no noticeable gaps in the wrapper. In addition, check for a tight draw and a firm tip. If a cigar is sloppy, it may be too dry or have poor tobacco distribution.

Once you are familiar with these basic criteria, it is a good idea to speak with a knowledgeable cigarnist or ask your favorite cigar-maker for a recommendation. They will be able to walk you through the selection process and help you choose the perfect cigar for your palate. After all, cigars are not just an oversized cigarette; they are a way to slow down and enjoy life with friends, and a chance to escape the always-on world we live in.

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