PCA 2023: Forged (Matt Booth)

Matt Booth, founder of Room101 brand, takes a few seconds to tell us about the new cigars from Room101, along with his microphone assistant, Ryan.

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The Best Cigars of 2021

Whether you’re relaxing after a nice meal or enjoying your cigar with friends at a special event, cigars can add that perfect finishing touch. Cigars have been associated with elegance, class, and high-being since their inception.

Unlike cigarettes, premium cigars are handmade and made of quality tobacco leaves without additives and fillers, such as dyes or ripening accelerants. As a result, there are many alluring shades of brown and subtle flavors that are entirely natural and the product of the earth from which it was grown.

Cigarmakers work hard to create consistency, but just like fine wine there are always minute variations between batches. This is what gives premium cigars their unique character, and it’s what makes them so enjoyable to enjoy.

With the world seemingly in a state of turmoil and chaos, it’s good to know that some things remain the same. This is especially true for the cigar industry as the 2021 trade shows came to a close and the new year began.

While we all hope that 2022 brings a return to some level of normalcy, there are still many opportunities for premium cigar enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite brands. There are also some tried and true favorites that can be relied on to deliver a great smoke no matter what the occasion or situation may be.

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