Cigar Basics: The Construction of a Cigar- Wrapper, Binder, and Filler #shorts

Kara and Monica from She Smokes Too are back with more cigar basics! They are taking you through the construction of a cigar which consists of the filler, binder, and wrapper.

Tips For Smoking Cigars


Tips For Smoking Cigars

Cigars come in a variety of tastes and textures. While the body type of a cigar doesn’t necessarily correlate to its quality, there are ways to judge its flavor. For example, one can keep a cigar journal to record the flavors and textures of various cigars. The flavors can range from sweet to spicy to chewy and fruity.

In the United States, cigars are more popular than cigarettes. According to the latest estimates, nearly two percent of adults smoke them. However, they are most popular among men compared to women, and are usually associated with wealth and upper-class culture. Many caricatures of the rich and famous feature men smoking cigars. They are often given away as gifts to celebrate important occasions.

When smoking a cigar, one should take a few deep breaths. The smoke from a cigar should be thick and not too watery. One should not smoke too fast, as this may make the cigar bitter. Besides, smoking too quickly will make one feel ill. If one has to stop, they should pause it for about two hours, but if they can’t quit, they can always relight it later.

The filler tobacco is an important ingredient for a cigar. It is often the same tobacco as the wrapper, but it doesn’t have to be smooth. Choosing the right tobacco for the filler allows cigar makers to create a cigar with a distinct taste and odor. Filler tobaccos are generally harvested from different regions of the world. Different growing conditions produce different flavors.

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